How Many Amazon Warehouses Are in New Jersey?

New Jersey is a hub for e-commerce and online retail, and Amazon is a major player in the state’s booming economy. Amazon currently has several warehouses located throughout the state, with more planned for the future.

Amazon Warehouses in New Jersey

Amazon currently has four warehouses located in New Jersey. The first warehouse is located in Edison, NJ and opened in 2013. This facility serves as a distribution center for Amazon Prime orders and other online orders from Amazon customers. The second warehouse is located in Logan Township, NJ and opened in 2017.

This facility specializes in picking, packing, and shipping items to Amazon customers all over the world. The third warehouse is located in Robbinsville Township, NJ and opened in 2018. This facility is specifically designed to store large products such as furniture and appliances that require extra space for storage. Finally, Amazon also operates a fulfillment center located at Carteret, NJ that opened in 2019. This center handles sorting and shipping of small items such as books, toys, electronics, etc., directly to customers’ doorsteps within two days or less.

Planned Growth

Amazon recently announced plans to open two additional warehouses in New Jersey by the end of 2020. The first warehouse will be located at Florence Township and will serve as a fulfillment center handling small items like books and toys while the second will be located at Winslow Township to handle larger items such as furniture and appliances. In addition to these two warehouses, Amazon also plans to open another fulfillment center at Salem County by 2021 that will focus on sorting and shipping small items directly to customers’ doorsteps within two days or less.

In conclusion, Amazon currently has four warehouses operating throughout New Jersey with two additional facilities set to open by the end of 2020 and another expected by 2021. These facilities are helping to boost the state’s economy while providing much needed employment opportunities for local residents. Altogether this brings the total number of Amazon warehouses operating within New Jersey to seven by 2021