How Much Do Amazon Prime Delivery Drivers Make?

Amazon Prime delivery drivers are an important part of the Amazon delivery system. They are responsible for delivering packages to customers in a timely manner and providing excellent customer service. So, how much do Amazon Prime delivery drivers make?

The answer varies depending on the region, experience level, and other factors. According to Glassdoor, Amazon Prime delivery drivers typically make between $14-$17 per hour. Additionally, they may receive bonuses and other incentives for meeting certain goals or benchmarks.

Amazon Prime delivery drivers must meet certain qualifications before they can be hired. They must have a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and some basic knowledge of Amazon’s policies and procedures.

Furthermore, they must be able to safely load and unload packages from their vehicles without assistance.

In addition to their base salary, Amazon Prime delivery drivers can earn additional income from tips that customers leave for them when they deliver their packages. Customers may also leave positive feedback that can result in additional bonuses or promotions within the company.

Overall, Amazon Prime delivery drivers are well paid for their work and receive additional benefits such as flexible hours, medical insurance, dental insurance, and 401(k) plans. They also benefit from working as part of a large organization with many opportunities for growth and development.


Amazon Prime delivery drivers make an average hourly wage ranging from $14-$17 depending on experience level and region. Additionally they can earn tips from customers along with additional incentives for meeting certain goals or benchmarks set by the company. It is an overall great job with many benefits such as flexible hours, medical insurance, dental insurance and 401(k) plans that offer career growth opportunities within the organization.