How Much Does Amazon Pay an Hour for Delivery Drivers?

For those looking to make money as an Amazon delivery driver, one of the most important questions is: how much does Amazon pay an hour? The answer depends on the type of job and location, but the average wage for Amazon delivery drivers is around $15.00 per hour.

Amazon Flex

The most popular way to become an Amazon delivery driver is through their Flex program. Amazon Flex offers flexible hours and competitive pay for drivers who deliver packages for them.

Drivers can earn between $18-$25 per hour depending on their location and performance. Drivers are also eligible for bonuses, tips, and incentives which can increase their overall earnings.

Delivery Service Partners

Another way to become an Amazon delivery driver is through their Delivery Service Partner program. This program allows drivers to become independent contractors who provide package delivery services to customers on behalf of Amazon.

The average hourly rate for this type of work is around $17 – $20 per hour depending on the region and performance. Drivers may also receive tips or other incentives that could increase this rate further.

Factors That Influence Pay

There are several factors that can influence the hourly rate for Amazon delivery drivers, including: location, performance, demand, experience level, time of year, and type of job (i.e., full-time or part-time). Location plays a major role in determining how much a driver will earn as some cities may have higher demand or offer higher pay than others. Similarly, performance based bonuses or incentives may be offered in areas with high demand or where drivers consistently meet certain goals or performance standards set by Amazon.

In conclusion, there is no set hourly rate for Amazon delivery drivers as it depends on a variety of factors such as location, performance, demand and experience level; however the average wage tends to be around $15 – $25 per hour with potential bonuses or other incentives included in some cases.