How Much Does It Cost to Put a Podcast on Spotify?

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing industries in media today. With the ability to stream audio through streaming services like Spotify, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reach a wider audience. But how much does it cost to put a podcast on Spotify?

The cost of putting a podcast on Spotify will vary depending on the size and scope of your podcast. There are several different factors that determine the cost, including the number of episodes, the length of each episode, and any additional features or content you may want to include.

Set-Up Costs: The first step in setting up your podcast is creating an account with Spotify. Depending on your plan and options chosen, this can range from free for basic accounts, to $20-30 per month for premium accounts. In addition, there may be fees for hosting and promoting your podcast through other streaming services such as iTunes or Stitcher.

Production Costs: Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll need to invest in production equipment such as microphones and other recording tools. Depending on what kind of equipment you need, this could range from free (if you already have the necessary gear) to hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you need to purchase new equipment or hire professionals for recording and editing services.

Advertising Costs: If you want to reach more listeners with your podcast, then you may want to consider advertising through platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads. These can be costly depending on how extensive your campaign is, but they can be effective in increasing visibility for your show.

Distribution Costs: Finally, once all of these costs are taken into consideration, there are still distribution costs associated with making sure that people can find and listen to your show. This includes setting up an RSS feed (which many streaming services use), distributing show notes across various platforms (such as Twitter or Reddit), and promoting episodes through social media channels (such as Instagram). All of these activities require time and resources that should be factored into any budget associated with setting up a podcast on Spotify.

In conclusion, the cost of setting up a podcast on Spotify can vary greatly depending on how much effort and money you’re willing to invest in production costs, advertising campaigns, and distribution efforts. If done right however, it could lead to increased visibility for your show and possibly even some revenue down the road!