How Much Is a Spotify Plaque?

A Spotify Plaque is a unique award given to music artists to recognize their accomplishments in streaming their songs on the popular music streaming platform, Spotify. To be eligible for a plaque, an artist must have achieved a certain level of success in terms of streams and downloads.

This can range from having 100,000 streams over the course of one month to reaching 1 million total streams across all their songs.

The plaques themselves are typically made out of metal and come with the artist’s name or logo engraved on them. The design of the plaque is often customized by the artist themselves, with various colors and shapes available depending on the artist’s preference. The plaques are also accompanied by a certificate signed by Spotify’s CEO which officially recognizes the achievement.

Spotify Plaques come at no cost to the artist, as they are fully funded by Spotify itself. However, as these are highly sought-after awards, artists may choose to pay for higher-quality plaques or even personalize them further by adding custom artwork or text.

How Much Is a Spotify Plaque?

The cost of a Spotify Plaque depends on what type and design you choose. Most basic models will start at around $100 USD, while more complex designs will cost significantly more. Additionally, if you decide to customize your plaque further with additional artwork or text, this will also add onto its cost.

Overall, there is no exact answer as to how much a Spotify Plaque costs as it varies depending on what you decide to do with it. But regardless of how much you end up spending on your plaque, it’s sure to be worth it in terms of recognition and pride.


Spotify Plaques are an excellent way for music artists to recognize their accomplishments in streaming their songs and show off their success in a tangible way. While there is no definitive answer as to how much one costs due to its customizable nature, most basic plaques start at around $100 USD.