How Much Would I Have if I Invested $1000 in Amazon?

Investing $1000 in Amazon is a great way to build wealth. The company has been around since 1994, and they have seen steady growth throughout the years.

They are now one of the largest online retailers in the world, and their stock price has steadily increased over time. With a $1000 investment in Amazon, you could have seen a return of nearly 1000% over the last five years.

When looking at Amazon’s stock price performance, it’s important to note that it is not without risk. The stock has been known to be volatile, and there have been periods of significant losses as well as gains. It is important to remember that no investment is without risk and that you should always do your own research before investing your money.

With a $1000 investment in Amazon, you could also benefit from dividends paid out by the company. Amazon pays dividends quarterly and has raised their dividend amount every year since 2015.

This means that if you invested your money five years ago, you would have had five dividend payments that would have increased each year. These dividends could be reinvested or taken as cash payments depending on your preference.


If you invested $1000 in Amazon five years ago, you could have seen a return of nearly 1000% due to its steady growth over time. You may also benefit from the quarterly dividend payments made by Amazon which will increase every year. Investing in Amazon is not without risk, but if done carefully it can provide great rewards for those willing to take a chance.