Is 4 O’Clock by BTS on Spotify?

4 O’Clock is a smooth, beautiful and upbeat song by the popular boy band BTS (Bangtan Boys). Released in April 2017, the song features both Rap Monster and V’s smooth vocals. The lyrics talk about a time of day when everything is quiet and peaceful, when one can take time to reflect on their life.

The song has been praised by many fans for its simple yet effective message and catchy melody. The upbeat tempo of the song makes it perfect for dancing or just listening to while doing work or relaxing.

The music video for 4 O’Clock features Rap Monster and V in a magical forest setting with beautiful lights and special effects. The atmosphere created in the music video perfectly captures the peacefulness of the lyrics.

The release of 4 O’Clock was met with much success, topping various music charts in South Korea as well as making an appearance on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart. It has also been streamed over 34 million times on Spotify, making it one of BTS’ most popular songs on the streaming service.

4 O’Clock is one of BTS’ most beloved songs and its popularity continues to grow each year. It’s a perfect example of how BTS can create meaningful songs that are also enjoyable to listen to. Whether you’re looking for something to dance to or just something to relax with, 4 O’Clock is an excellent choice.

Conclusion: Is 4 O’Clock by BTS on Spotify? Absolutely! With over 34 million streams, it is clear that this song has become one of BTS’ most beloved hits on the streaming service, making it easy to see why this beautiful tune remains so popular today.