Is AbeBooks Owned by Amazon?

AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books, movies, music, and other collectibles. It is one of the world’s largest marketplaces for used and rare books, with over 181 million titles listed. AbeBooks is owned by Amazon and was acquired in 2008.

AbeBooks offers buyers a wide selection of books from both new and used booksellers around the world. Buyers can search for items by title, author, ISBN, publisher, date of publication, condition and more. AbeBooks also provides buyers with access to millions of out-of-print titles that are difficult to find elsewhere.

In addition to its marketplace services, AbeBooks also offers a range of services for booksellers including inventory management tools and marketing advice. Booksellers can list their books on AbeBooks for free and can set their own prices. Buyers can also leave customer reviews on the site which helps sellers build trust with potential customers.

AbeBooks is a great resource for both buyers and sellers looking to buy or sell books online. With its wide selection of titles and competitive pricing it is no wonder why it has become one of the most popular destinations for book lovers around the world.

For over 20 years AbeBooks has been providing an invaluable service to book lovers all over the world and now that it is owned by Amazon it looks as though it will continue to do so well into the future. So the answer to ‘Is AbeBooks Owned by Amazon?’

is yes – it has been since 2008 when Amazon acquired the business from German media company Hubert Burda Media. It’s clear that Amazon values AbeBooks’ services highly.

In conclusion, yes AbeBooks is owned by Amazon since 2008 when they acquired it from Hubert Burda Media. The acquisition has enabled AbeBooks to further expand its reach in providing a great service for book lovers around the world as well as offering additional resources such as inventory management tools and marketing advice for booksellers who list their books on the site.