Is BeFunky App Free?

BeFunky is an online photo editing and graphic design app that is loved by millions of users around the world. It has a wide array of features, including a range of photo effects, custom frames, text overlays, and more. The app also allows you to create stunning graphics with its intuitive and powerful tools.

BeFunky is incredibly easy to use – all you need to do is upload your image or choose one from their library, apply your desired effect or edit it with the tools available and you’re done! You can even create digital artwork by combining multiple images into one.

The best part about BeFunky is that it is completely free to use! No signup or subscription fees are required – just download the app from their website and get started. The app does offer a Pro version for those who want advanced features such as access to more templates, filters and fonts – however this version does come with a monthly subscription fee.

BeFunky’s free version has all the basic tools you need for quick photo edits, including cropping, resizing and adjusting brightness. If you’re looking for something more advanced then the Pro version might be worth checking out as it offers exclusive features such as layers and masking tools.


In conclusion, BeFunky App is indeed free to use – there are no signup or subscription fees needed in order to use the basic features. However if you’re looking for something more advanced then it might be worth checking out their Pro version which comes with additional features but requires a monthly subscription fee.