Is Binks Sake on Spotify?

In the world of streaming music, Spotify stands out as a premier music service. It’s used by millions of people around the world to listen to their favorite songs, create playlists and discover new music.

For many anime fans, one iconic song stands out: “Binks Sake,” the opening theme song for the popular series One Piece. But is this beloved tune available on Spotify?

The answer is yes! “Binks Sake” is available on Spotify, and it can be found under the artist name “Vivi.” The track was originally released in 2000 and has become a staple of the One Piece franchise ever since. Anyone looking to add this classic tune to their playlist can do so with ease.

In addition to being on Spotify, “Binks Sake” can also be found on other popular streaming services such as Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer and Tidal. It’s even available for purchase from online retailers like Amazon Music and iTunes.

The Bottom Line

Is Binks Sake on Spotify?

Yes! “Binks Sake” is available on Spotify and other popular streaming services. Fans of the One Piece series can now easily add this iconic song to their playlists.