Is Blink Owned by Amazon?

Amazon recently made headlines when its subsidiary, Blink, announced the launch of a new home security system. The Blink Home Security System is a comprehensive solution that includes video doorbells, cameras, and motion detectors. Although the system is technically owned by Amazon, it is still relatively independent from the company’s other products and services.

Blink was founded in 2014 as an independent company. It first gained recognition for its low-cost wireless security cameras, which quickly became popular due to their affordability and ease of installation. Since then, Blink has continued to expand its product lineup with a variety of other security solutions.

In 2017, Amazon acquired Blink in an effort to expand its growing portfolio of smart home products. However, while Amazon owns the company, Blink continues to operate independently.

This means that it has full control over product development and customer service. As a result, many customers remain unaware that Amazon owns Blink.

The fact that Blink is owned by Amazon does offer some advantages for customers. For example, customers who already have an Amazon account can easily access their Blink products through the Alexa app or website. Additionally, Amazon’s vast financial resources have allowed Blink to stay competitive in terms of pricing and technology.


Is Blink owned by Amazon? Yes – although it operates independently from most other Amazon products and services, it does have the backing of one of the world’s largest companies. This has allowed Blink to stay competitive in terms of both pricing and technology while offering customers easy access through their existing Amazon accounts.