Is Buying Spotify Plays Illegal?

Spotify is one of the leading digital music streaming services, boasting over 140 million active users and 60 million tracks. With the growing popularity of the platform, many people are looking for ways to increase their plays and reach on Spotify. But is buying plays illegal?

The short answer is that it depends. Buying Spotify plays is not against the terms and conditions of Spotify, as long as they come from legitimate sources.

However, buying plays can put you in violation of copyright law if you don’t have permission from the rights holders to distribute their content. Additionally, Spotify has a system in place to detect fraudulent activity, so if it detects that tracks are receiving suspiciously high numbers of plays, it can lead to your account being suspended or worse.

There are a few legitimate ways to increase your plays on Spotify without breaking the law. One way is by using services such as playlist promotion companies or influencer marketing campaigns, where you pay promoters to promote your music on their channels and playlists. This will get your music in front of more people which should result in more streams.

Another option is to use organic methods such as engaging with other artists and collaborations, engaging with fans on social media, creating content for YouTube and other video platforms, or networking with industry professionals. These methods require more time but may be worth it if you want to grow your fanbase organically without breaking any laws.


In conclusion, buying Spotify plays is not technically illegal but can be if done incorrectly or without permission from rights holders. It can also put you at risk of being flagged by Spotify’s fraud detection system so it’s important to make sure that any track plays you receive are legitimate. If you want to increase your streams without breaking the law, then organic methods such as collaborations and social media engagement are a better option.