Is CBS All Access Free With Amazon Prime?

Is CBS All Access Free With Amazon Prime?

CBS All Access is a streaming service provided by CBS, one of the largest broadcasting networks in the United States. It allows users to stream content directly from the CBS library, including live and on-demand programming. It also provides access to exclusive shows and movies.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives customers access to free two-day shipping, streaming music and video, cloud storage and other benefits. It also gives customers access to a variety of streaming services such as Amazon Video, HBO Now, Showtime Anytime, Hulu and more.

Unfortunately, CBS All Access is not included in the list of services offered by Amazon Prime. In order to gain access to CBS All Access content, users must purchase a subscription directly from the service’s website or through a third-party provider such as Apple TV or Roku.

The cost for a monthly subscription to CBS All Access starts at $5.99 per month for the Limited Commercials plan or $9.99 per month for the Commercial Free plan. Both plans offer access to over 10,000 episodes of current and classic shows on demand as well as live streaming of select local CBS affiliates in certain markets across the U.S., depending on availability in your area.

For those who want even more content from CBS All Access, there are additional packages available with premium add-ons such as Showtime or an ad-free version of on-demand programming with no commercials at all.

Overall, while it would be great if Amazon Prime included CBS All Access in its list of services offered, it does not currently do so at this time. In order to gain access to all that this streaming service has to offer users will need to purchase a separate subscription directly from their website or through third party providers such as Apple TV or Roku.

Conclusion: In conclusion, no CBS All Access is not free with Amazon Prime – users must purchase a separate subscription if they wish to use this service.