Is Cinemax Free With Amazon Prime?

Cinemax is a premium cable and satellite television network owned by HBO, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia Entertainment. It is available to subscribers of satellite and cable TV services, as well as through streaming services like Amazon Prime. But the question is: Is Cinemax free with Amazon Prime?

The short answer is no. Cinemax is not free with Amazon Prime.

It is an add-on service that must be purchased separately. Amazon’s streaming services, such as its Prime Video service, are only available with an Amazon Prime subscription. To get Cinemax, you’ll need to pay an additional fee on top of your regular Prime subscription.

How Much Does Cinemax Cost With Amazon Prime?

Cinemax costs $9.99 per month for the standalone version of the service, or $14.99 per month for the Cinemax + HBO Max bundle. However, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can get a discounted rate of $8.99 per month for the standalone version of Cinemax and $13.99 per month for the bundle version that includes HBO Max access as well (which normally costs $14.99).

What Does The Cinemax Subscription Include?

The Cinemax subscription includes access to all on-demand content in its streaming library as well as live streams of its channels (Cinemax East & West). There are also special features like 4K UHD resolution for certain titles and parental controls to manage what kids can watch on the service. In addition, subscribers will also get access to HBO Max which has 10,000 hours of content from both HBO and Warner Bros., including fan favorites like Game Of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory.


In conclusion, while there is no free version of Cinemax available through Amazon Prime, it does offer discounted rates for its subscribers who want to access this premium cable network’s library and live streams. The cost varies depending on whether you opt for just the standalone version or bundle it with HBO Max access but either way it’s still significantly cheaper than paying full price for both services separately.

Is Cinemax Free With Amazon Prime? – No