Is Discovery of Witches on Netflix?

Netflix’s latest original show, A Discovery of Witches, is based off of the best-selling novel series by Deborah Harkness. It follows the story of Diana Bishop, a historian and witch who accidentally discovers an ancient manuscript that unleashes a dangerous power. She must team up with vampire Matthew Clairmont to find out why this power has been unleashed and how to stop it.

A Discovery of Witches has been very successful in its first season, with many viewers praising its excellent performances and strong writing. The show has also been praised for its beautiful cinematography and production design, which fully immerses viewers into the world of witches and vampires. Furthermore, the show has successfully created an interesting mythology that expands beyond the source material.

The cast of A Discovery of Witches is also a huge selling point for the show. Teresa Palmer stars as Diana Bishop and brings a strong presence to her role as the lead character.

Matthew Goode portrays Matthew Clairmont with charisma and charm, making him one of the most interesting characters on the show. The chemistry between Palmer and Goode is electric, making their scenes together some of the best in television.

Overall, A Discovery of Witches is an excellent show that should not be missed by fans of fantasy or supernatural shows. It has plenty to offer in terms of plot, characters, scenery, and production value.

With three more seasons already planned, A Discovery of Witches is sure to be one of Netflix’s most successful shows.


Yes, A Discovery Of Witches is on Netflix and it’s definitely worth watching. With compelling characters, a unique story line, great cinematography and production value – it’s no wonder why this show has been so successful!