Is DistroKid Owned by Spotify?

DistroKid is an independent digital music distribution platform that helps independent artists and labels get their music into digital stores and streaming services. It was founded in 2013 by musician Philip Kaplan and has become the go-to service for independent artists to get their music heard.

The company offers various features such as automatic ISRC/UPC codes, custom landing pages, real-time analytics, and more. It also has a partnership with YouTube Music, allowing artists to upload their content directly to the streaming platform.

Recently, there have been rumors swirling around that Spotify is looking to acquire DistroKid. The speculation began when the two companies announced their partnership in July 2020.

With this partnership, Spotify allowed DistroKid users to upload music directly to their streaming platform. This raised questions about whether Spotify was looking to purchase DistroKid or just partner with them on a single project.

The rumors were further fueled when reports surfaced that Spotify had offered $300 million for DistroKid in August 2020. However, both companies have remained silent on the matter and there has been no official confirmation from either side yet.

So is DistroKid owned by Spotify? Unfortunately, at this stage it is unclear whether the two companies are working together on a project or if Spotify is looking to acquire DistroKid outright. Until an official announcement is made by either side, it is impossible to say for certain what the future holds for these two companies.

Conclusion: Is DistroKid owned by Spotify? At this time, it’s impossible to confirm as neither company has made an official announcement regarding any potential acquisition or partnership between them.