Is Doctor Who Free on Amazon Prime?

The long-running British television show Doctor Who has been a beloved classic for science fiction fans around the world. The show follows the adventures of a Time Lord called “The Doctor”, who travels through time and space in his TARDIS. The Doctor is accompanied by a variety of companions, and together they battle villains and explore the universe.

Doctor Who is one of the most popular shows on Amazon Prime, and millions of people have watched it on the streaming service. But is Doctor Who free on Amazon Prime? The answer is yes – you can watch every episode of Doctor Who for free on Amazon Prime Video.

The first nine seasons of Doctor Who are available to watch for free with an Amazon Prime membership. These include episodes from the original series starring Christopher Eccleston as The Ninth Doctor, as well as those from the recent series starring Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor. All episodes are available in HD quality and can be streamed directly to your device.

If you’re looking to watch more recent episodes or seasons, you may have to pay extra. For example, Season 10 of Doctor Who (starring Peter Capaldi as The Twelfth Doctor) is not available for free with an Amazon Prime membership. You will have to purchase this season separately if you want to watch it.

That said, you can save money by taking advantage of promotional deals offered by Amazon throughout the year. These deals include discounts on individual episodes or entire seasons, so make sure you keep an eye out for them if you’re looking to save some money while watching your favorite show.

In conclusion, yes – Doctor Who is free on Amazon Prime Video with an active membership! While some newer seasons may require you to purchase them separately, there are plenty of classic episodes from the original series that are available for free streaming. Make sure to keep an eye out for promotional deals throughout the year if you’re looking for additional savings!