Is Ecobee Owned by Amazon?

Ecobee is a Canadian home automation and energy management company that specializes in smart thermostats and other home automation products. Launched in 2007, Ecobee has become a leader in the home automation industry, providing customers with the ability to remotely control their home’s heating and cooling systems from anywhere in the world. Despite its success, many people are unsure if Ecobee is owned by Amazon or not.

The answer to this question is no: Ecobee is not owned by Amazon. The company is privately owned by its founders, as well as venture capital firms, private equity firms, and individual investors. While Amazon does offer Ecobee products on its website, it does not own any part of the company.

That being said, there are some connections between Amazon and Ecobee that make it seem like they may be connected. For instance, both companies use voice-activated assistant technology in their products – with Amazon’s Alexa being integrated into many of Ecobee’s products. Additionally, both companies have worked together on various initiatives such as the Smart Home Skill API Program.

Despite these connections between the two companies, it’s clear that Ecobee is an independent entity from Amazon. The Canadian company continues to innovate and develop new products for the home automation market that can be purchased independently from any other retailer.


No, Ecobee is not owned by Amazon. While there are some connections between them – such as voice-activated assistant technology – they remain independent entities from one another.