Is Fandor Free With Amazon Prime?

Fandor and Amazon Prime

Fandor is an online streaming service that offers independent films, documentaries, and short films for viewers to enjoy. It has a library of over 5,000 titles from around the world.

Fandor is a great way for movie lovers to discover new and interesting films. But is Fandor free with Amazon Prime?

The answer is no. Fandor is not included with an Amazon Prime subscription.

You must have a separate Fandor subscription in order to access their content. However, there are ways to get discounted access to Fandor if you are an Amazon Prime member.

First, you can get a discounted subscription through the Amazon Channels program. This program allows you to add additional channels to your existing Amazon Prime Video subscription for an additional monthly fee. With this program, you can sign up for a one-month or six-month subscription to Fandor at a discounted rate.

You can also get access to some of the content on Fandor through the Amazon Video store. Some titles are available for purchase or rental on the platform, and these can be accessed with your existing Amazon Prime account.

Finally, you can sometimes find special deals that offer discounts on both Amazon Prime and Fandor subscriptions at the same time. For example, during Black Friday in 2020, Amazon offered a bundle deal that included both services for $119 per year – a significant discount from purchasing them separately.

Overall, while it’s not possible to get free access to Fandor through an Amazon Prime account, there are ways to get discounted access if you’re already subscribed or looking into subscribing soon. Keep an eye out for special deals that bundle both services together and save money in the process!

Conclusion: No, Fandor is not free with an Amazon Prime membership; however, there are different ways that you may be able to get discounted access such as through the Amazon Channels program or special deals which bundle both services together at once at a reduced cost.