Is Fantastic Beasts on Netflix?

The world of Harry Potter is a beloved one, filled with fascinating creatures and thrilling stories. Fans around the world are eager to explore the wizarding world through any medium available. For those looking for a Potter-related fix, the Fantastic Beasts film series is a great option.

The five-part series follows magizoologist Newt Scamander as he travels around the globe to protect fantastic beasts from harm. The films also explore dark forces that threaten the existence of magical creatures and humans alike. The series stars Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller and Johnny Depp.

Fantastic Beasts has been praised for its stunning visual effects and attention to detail in capturing the Harry Potter universe. While some fans were initially skeptical of the series straying from J.K Rowling’s original books, they’ve come to appreciate the new perspective it brings.

The third installment of Fantastic Beasts will be released in 2021 and fans are already eagerly anticipating it. But until then, is there a way to revisit the first two films? Is Fantastic Beasts on Netflix?

The answer is no:

At this time, none of the Fantastic Beasts movies are available on Netflix. However, all five films are available for purchase or rent on digital streaming platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies & TV.

So even though you won’t find Fantastic Beasts on Netflix at this time, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the wizarding world from home.


Is Fantastic Beasts on Netflix? Unfortunately not; however you can still rent or purchase all five films digitally via streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon Prime Video or Google Play Movies & TV.