Is Finding Nemo on Netflix?

Finding Nemo is one of the classic Pixar movies that has been beloved by children and adults alike since its release in 2003. The movie follows the story of Marlin, a clownfish who is searching for his missing son, Nemo.

With the help of an ever-growing cast of characters, Marlin embarks on a journey full of danger and adventure that eventually leads him to reunite with his son. The movie is full of heart and humor, making it an instant classic.

Sadly, Finding Nemo is not currently available on Netflix. The streaming service has recently added a handful of Pixar movies, including Coco and Incredibles 2, but unfortunately Finding Nemo has yet to make an appearance. However, the movie can be rented or purchased from many other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

Finding Nemo remains one of the most popular animated movies ever made and continues to entertain fans both old and new. While it isn’t currently available on Netflix, it’s still easy to find on other streaming services. So if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening with family or friends, don’t miss out on the chance to watch Finding Nemo!


No, Finding Nemo is not currently available on Netflix. However, fans can still rent or purchase it from other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.