Is Full House on Netflix?

Full House, which originally aired from 1987 to 1995, is one of the most beloved and iconic TV shows of all time. It has left an indelible mark on American pop culture and its characters have become part of the national consciousness. The show’s premise – a widowed father raising his three daughters with help from his brother-in-law and childhood best friend – was both heartwarming and humorous, making it a hit with audiences worldwide.

In recent years, Full House has been brought back to life in a sequel series for Netflix called Fuller House. The new show follows the daughters as grown-ups raising their own families in San Francisco. While some of the original cast members have reprised their roles, new characters have also been added to the mix.

Netflix currently holds streaming rights to both Full House and Fuller House, meaning that fans can catch up with old favorites or check out what the Tanner family is up to now. Both shows are available in their entirety on Netflix and can be watched using any device that supports streaming video (smart TVs, smartphones, tablets etc).

Fuller House has been well-received by viewers thanks to its clever writing and nostalgia factor. It has also become one of Netflix’s most popular original series with multiple seasons available for streaming. Not only that, but it has spawned several spinoff shows such as Fuller Home Alone and Fuller Family Vacation which are also available on Netflix.

In conclusion, yes, Full House is indeed on Netflix! Fans of the classic show can relive the Tanner family’s adventures or discover what life is like for them now thanks to Fuller House. Both shows are available for streaming on any device that can access Netflix’s library so grab some popcorn and get ready for some fun family viewing!