Is Harry Potter on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

The question of whether or not Harry Potter is on Netflix and Amazon Prime has been one of the most asked questions in recent years. With the rise in popularity of streaming services, it’s no surprise that many people are wondering if they can watch their favorite wizarding world films on these platforms. The answer is yes, but there are some caveats.

The Harry Potter films are available on both Netflix and Amazon Prime in various countries around the world.

Netflix currently has the rights to stream all eight films, while Amazon Prime only has rights to five of them. If you’re looking to watch all eight films, then you’ll need to subscribe to both services. The titles available may also vary depending on your region as some countries may have different rights agreements with different streaming services.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re looking for the full Harry Potter experience, then you may be out of luck. While Netflix does have all eight films, they don’t include any of the spin-off series or any other related content like the books or video games. For that, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


In conclusion, it is possible to watch all eight Harry Potter films on either Netflix or Amazon Prime as long as you live in a country where these services are available and have the rights to do so. However, if you’re looking for additional content related to Harry Potter such as spin-off series or video games then you’ll need to look elsewhere.