Is IMDb TV Included With Amazon Prime?

Is IMDb TV Included With Amazon Prime?

The short answer is no, IMDb TV is not included with an Amazon Prime subscription. IMDb TV is a free streaming service that is available to anyone with an Amazon account. It offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows and can be accessed through the IMDb app or website.

IMDb TV features both older content (with some movies dating back to the 1930s) as well as more recent releases from major studios like Warner Bros., Paramount, and Lionsgate. The content available is constantly being updated so there’s always something new to watch.

The downside of IMDb TV is that it does not offer any original programming or exclusive titles. While it has a large selection of titles, many of them are older films or shows that you may have already seen before. Additionally, the ads you see before and during each show are unskippable; this means you have to sit through them in order to watch the content you want.

In comparison, Amazon Prime offers a much larger selection of content that includes both original programming and exclusive titles from various studios. Additionally, there are no ads on Amazon Prime, so you can watch your favorite shows uninterrupted.

To sum up, while IMDb TV is a great way to access older content for free without paying for a subscription, it doesn’t offer the same quality or selection as Amazon Prime does. If you’re looking for an extensive library of movies and shows with no ads, then Amazon Prime would be your best option.

Conclusion: In conclusion, IMDb TV is not included with an Amazon Prime subscription; however it does offer a wide selection of free movies and TV shows for users to access without paying for a subscription plan. Although its library may not be as extensive as what’s offered by Amazon Prime, it still provides users with access to older films and shows without having to pay for them.