Is in the Dark on Netflix or Hulu?

In the Dark is a mystery-drama television series from the CW network. It follows the life of Murphy Mason, a blind twenty-something who unexpectedly finds herself at the center of a murder investigation. She must use her heightened senses and intelligence to uncover clues that could lead to the killer.

The series explores themes of loss, identity, and justice as Murphy finds her way in a world she can’t always see. It stars Perry Mattfeld as Murphy, Brooke Markham as Jess, Kathleen York as Joy, Derek Webster as Dean, and Rich Sommer as Tyson.

In the Dark has been well-received by both critics and viewers alike since its debut in April 2019. The show has earned an average rating of 7/10 on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8/10 on IMDb. It also received several awards during its first season, including an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Perry Mattfeld’s performance.

So where can you watch In the Dark? Unfortunately, neither Netflix nor Hulu currently offer the show on their streaming services.

However, you can watch In the Dark on The CW’s website or app for free with ads or purchase episodes from most major digital providers like iTunes or Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, you can watch full seasons of In the Dark through cable providers like Xfinity or DirecTV Now.

In conclusion, while it may be disappointing that In the Dark is not currently available on Netflix or Hulu, there are still plenty of other ways to watch this critically acclaimed mystery-drama series. From purchasing episodes digitally to streaming them through cable providers – there are options out there for those wanting to experience this unique show!

Is in the Dark on Netflix or Hulu? No – it is not available on either streaming service at this time.