Is Ken Burns Vietnam War on Netflix?

Ken Burns Vietnam War on Netflix

Ken Burns’ Vietnam War is a documentary film by renowned filmmaker Ken Burns. This film depicts the events of the Vietnam War, one of the deadliest and most controversial military conflicts in human history. The documentary was released in September 2017, and it has since been lauded for its stunning visuals, compelling narrative, and powerful interviews with veterans who fought in the conflict.

The documentary is an 18 hour epic that covers every aspect of the war: from its origins to its aftermath. It features archival footage, photographs, personal letters, and interviews with participants from both sides of the conflict. The filmmakers sought to capture all the complexities of this difficult period in order to create a more accurate picture of life during wartime.

The film also attempts to explore how the war impacted generations of Americans and Vietnamese alike—both those who fought in it as well as those who were impacted by it indirectly. It is an emotional journey that will leave viewers with a sense of understanding about a conflict that still continues to shape American culture today.

The documentary has been well-received by audiences around the world, earning praise from both critics and viewers alike. It won four Emmy Awards and was nominated for two Academy Awards. Unfortunately, while Ken Burns’ Vietnam War can be found on many streaming services including Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, it is not available on Netflix at this time.

Despite this fact, many viewers have chosen to watch Ken Burns’ Vietnam War on DVD or Blu-Ray instead; both versions are readily available for purchase online as well as at select retailers such as Walmart or Target. Those looking for an even more immersive experience can also find several interactive books based on the documentary series that will help them explore individual stories or look further into specific aspects of the war itself.

In conclusion, Is Ken Burns Vietnam War on Netflix? Unfortunately no; however there are still plenty of ways for viewers to enjoy this amazing documentary series online or via DVD/Blu-Ray purchase or interactive books based on it.