Is Love Rollercoaster on Spotify?

Love Rollercoaster, the 1975 hit by Ohio Players, is one of the most iconic songs of its decade. With its funky bassline and catchy chorus, it has been used in countless films and television shows and has become a regular fixture at weddings, parties and other celebrations. But is it available on Spotify?

The answer is yes. The song has been available on Spotify since 2012 and has since racked up over 70 million streams.

It’s one of the most-streamed tracks on the platform, with listeners from all over the world discovering it for the first time. While the original version is still popular, there are also plenty of remixes and covers that have been released in recent years. These include versions by artists like Grandtheft & Keys N Krates, 2Pac & Dr. Dre and even a reggae remix by The Wailers.

Love Rollercoaster also appears on several official Ohio Players compilations that have been released since its original release in 1975. These include ‘The Best of Ohio Players’, which includes not only Love Rollercoaster but also hits like ‘Fire’ and ‘Skin Tight’.


Love Rollercoaster is definitely available on Spotify, with both the original version as well as remixes and covers from various artists. It can also be found on official Ohio Players compilations for those who want to hear more from this classic group.