Is Mugen Train on Netflix?

Mugen Train, the latest movie from the beloved anime studio Studio Ghibli, has caused a lot of excitement since its release in Japan last year. The movie, based on the popular manga series by Reiko Yoshida, follows a group of young students who board an ancient train and embark on an incredible journey filled with danger, mystery and adventure.

The movie has been highly acclaimed in Japan and is currently the highest-grossing anime movie ever released in the country. It has also received numerous awards and nominations for its outstanding animation and storytelling.

The question now is: Is Mugen Train available to stream on Netflix? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Despite being one of Studio Ghibli’s most popular films, it is not yet available to stream on Netflix or any other major streaming service.

However, if you are interested in watching the film you can still do so by purchasing it from various digital retailers such as Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV+. These streaming services offer both digital downloads and physical Blu-ray/DVD copies of Mugen Train which you can watch at home whenever you want.

In addition to that, Funimation also recently announced that they would be streaming the film exclusively on their platform starting June 25th 2021. This means that fans of Studio Ghibli’s work will have another option to watch the movie if they don’t have access to any other streaming services or don’t have the money to purchase it digitally or physically.

So while Mugen Train isn’t currently available on Netflix, there are still plenty of ways to watch it online if you’re interested. With its stellar animation and captivating story, this is definitely one movie worth checking out!


Is Mugen Train on Netflix? No – unfortunately it is not available on Netflix yet but there are plenty of other ways fans can watch it online including buying digital copies from Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV+ as well as streaming it exclusively on Funimation starting June 25th 2021.