Is My Little Pony on Netflix?

My Little Pony is an iconic animated television series that has been adored by children around the world for decades. The show follows the adventures of a colorful cast of ponies and their human companions as they work to protect their home from dangers both magical and mundane.

For many, My Little Pony was a gateway into fantasy storytelling and a source of comfort in difficult times. It’s no surprise then that fans have been clamoring for the beloved show to make its way onto Netflix.

Unfortunately, as of right now, My Little Pony is not on Netflix. While it can be found on other streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, it is not available on Netflix. This isn’t due to lack of demand; instead, it seems that the rights to stream the show are currently owned by other companies.

However, there may be hope yet for fans looking to watch My Little Pony on Netflix. Recently, Netflix has made deals with other companies such as Dreamworks Animation and Nickelodeon which have allowed them to stream some of their classic titles. If Netflix was able to make a similar deal with Hasbro or another company that holds the streaming rights for My Little Pony, then it’s possible that we could see the show arrive on Netflix in the future.


At this time, My Little Pony is not available on Netflix due to streaming rights being held by other companies. However, if Netflix is able to make a deal with Hasbro or another company that owns these rights, then it’s possible we could see the beloved show arrive on the streaming service in the future.