Is Shadowbringers Ost on Spotify?

The recent expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers, has been one of the most popular releases in the long-running series. The game has been praised for its story, graphics, and innovative gameplay.

Along with all this, players have also been praising the soundtrack, composed by Masayoshi Soken. Fans of the game have been wondering if they can listen to the Shadowbringers OST on Spotify.

The short answer is yes! The full soundtrack for Shadowbringers has been released on Spotify and other streaming services. It includes all of the tracks from the game, from the main theme to various dungeon and boss themes.

The music itself is a mix of orchestral and electronic elements. It is a blend of traditional Japanese instruments such as koto and shamisen with more modern elements such as synthesizers and drum machines. This unique blend creates an atmosphere that is both familiar to Final Fantasy fans and fresh enough to make it stand out.

The soundtrack also includes vocal tracks performed by Japanese singers such as Susan Calloway and Ayaka Himuro. These songs bring an emotional depth to the game’s story that would not be possible without them.


So, yes – the Shadowbringers OST is available on Spotify! Fans of Final Fantasy XIV can now enjoy this amazing soundtrack whenever they want – no matter where they are.