Is Spotify Mad at Joe Rogan?

It seems like Spotify may be mad at Joe Rogan. After all, the popular podcast host recently signed an exclusive multi-year deal with the streaming service that had everyone talking. But now, Spotify is reportedly feeling “frustrated” with the way Rogan has handled certain topics on his show, including conspiracy theories and controversial guests.

The news about Spotify’s discontent came after reports that Rogan invited conspiracy theorist Alex Jones onto his show. Jones is widely known for spreading misinformation and promoting far-right causes, which has caused many people to criticize Rogan for giving him a platform. On top of that, several other controversial guests have appeared on the show, including right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro and conservative author Jordan Peterson.

In response to these reports, Spotify has reportedly taken steps to distance itself from Rogan’s more controversial content. The company has allegedly sent guidelines to its content team to “monitor” any episodes that could create a “negative perception” of the brand.

It’s unclear if this tension between Spotify and Rogan will continue or if it will blow over in time. But one thing is certain: there are a lot of eyes on this situation as people wait to see how it will play out.


It appears that Spotify may be feeling some frustration towards Joe Rogan due to his recent guests and topics discussed on his podcast. While it remains to be seen how this situation will develop in the future, there’s no denying that many people are keeping an eye on this story with interest.

So for now, the answer to the question ‘Is Spotify mad at Joe Rogan?’ is still uncertain.