Is Spotify Ok for 12 Year Olds?

Spotify is a popular online music streaming platform that is used by more than 286 million people around the world. The service offers users access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos, making it one of the most popular streaming services available.

However, while Spotify can be a great way for older users to listen to music, it may not be appropriate for younger users. This is because some of the songs and content on Spotify may contain language or themes that are not appropriate for children under the age of 13. In addition to this, Spotify does not have parental controls in place that would allow parents to limit their child’s access to certain types of content on the platform.

The lack of parental controls and inappropriate content makes Spotify a potentially dangerous platform for younger users.

There have been reports of young children being exposed to explicit lyrics or disturbing images on the platform, which can be damaging both mentally and emotionally. Additionally, some of the content available on Spotify could have an adverse effect on a child’s development if they are exposed to it at too young an age.

For these reasons, it is generally recommended that parents monitor their child’s usage of Spotify if they choose to use the platform. Parents should also make sure that their child is aware of what type of content is appropriate for them and set clear boundaries about what they should be listening to. Additionally, parents should consider setting up parental controls on any device their child uses to access Spotify so they can limit their access if necessary.


Overall, while Spotify can be a great way for older users to listen to music, it may not be suitable for younger children due its lack of parental controls and potentially inappropriate content. Therefore, if parents are considering allowing their 12 year old child to use Spotify, they should make sure that they monitor their usage and set up parental controls as necessary.