Is Spotify Premium Duo Worth It?

Spotify Premium Duo is the latest offering from the music streaming giant. It’s designed for two people who live at the same address, so couples, flatmates and families can share one subscription between them.

It’s a great way to save money if you both like to listen to music, and it has some other benefits as well.

The main feature of Spotify Premium Duo is that you get two separate Premium accounts that can both be used at the same time. This means that each person can create their own personalised playlists and follow their own artists. You can also share playlists with each other, so if one of you finds a great new artist or song, you can easily let the other know about it.

Another benefit of Spotify Premium Duo is that it includes access to ‘Duo Mix’. This is a special kind of playlist created just for two people who are sharing a subscription. Duo Mixes are tailored to your individual tastes and act like mini-mixes tailored just for you and your partner.

Spotify Premium Duo also includes access to ‘Group Sessions’, which allows up to six people with different Spotify accounts to listen together in sync – ideal for when friends or family come over for dinner or drinks. And lastly, there’s an additional family plan which allows up to five additional users (aged 13+) on top of the two main subscribers.

So, is Spotify Premium Duo worth it?

It really depends on your situation.

If you live with someone else and both use Spotify often then it could be a great way to save money while enjoying all the features of Premium. However, if one person only uses Spotify now and then then it might not be worth it as they could just use free version instead.


Spotify Premium Duo is a great option for couples or flatmates who both use Spotify regularly as they can save money while still getting access to all of the features of premium. However, if one person only uses it occasionally then they may be better off sticking with the free version.