Is Spotify Still 99 Cents for 3 Months?

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has been around for over a decade now. It has been providing users with access to over 50 million songs and thousands of podcasts. Recently, Spotify has been offering new users an attractive deal – 99 cents for 3 months of ad-free music streaming.

This offer is available to new users who have never had a paid subscription to Spotify before. It is a great way to try out the service without having to make a long-term commitment or paying full price. After the 3 month promotional period ends, users will be automatically charged the regular monthly rate for their chosen plan.

The 99 cents for 3 months offer is not always available and it may come and go from time to time. It seems like Spotify releases this promotion periodically as part of their marketing strategy in order to entice new users. So if you’re looking to take advantage of this deal, you should check back to see if it’s available again.

The 99 cents for 3 months offer is also only available in certain countries such as US, UK and Canada. If you’re located outside of these countries you unfortunately won’t be able to take advantage of this promotion.

Overall, Spotify’s 99 cents for 3 months offer is an attractive way for new users to try out their service without having to commit immediately or pay full price.

Conclusion: Is Spotify still 99 cents for 3 months? The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no – it depends on when the promotion is being offered by Spotify. If it’s available, then it can be a great way for new users to get started with streaming music on the platform without breaking the bank.