Is Spotify Web Player Free?

Spotify is an online streaming platform that provides music, podcasts, and other audio content to its users. The Spotify Web Player is a browser-based version of the app that allows users to access their Spotify account and play music on any device with an internet connection. It’s free to use, but there are some limitations.

The Spotify Web Player is free to use and allows you to access all of your playlists, saved songs, and recommendations. It also has streaming radio stations, which are curated by the app. On top of this, you can search for new music, create new playlists, and follow other users.

However, there are some restrictions when it comes to the free version of the Spotify Web Player. You can only listen to songs in shuffle mode; there’s no way to pick specific tracks or albums.

Additionally, you won’t get any special features like lyrics or song recommendations. And lastly, the sound quality is lower compared to what you would get if you had a premium subscription.


In conclusion, the Spotify Web Player is free to use but does come with some limitations. It allows you to access your account and stream radio stations for free but does not offer any advanced features such as song selection or higher sound quality available with a premium subscription.