Is Star Wars on Netflix or Amazon?

The long-awaited answer to the question “Is Star Wars on Netflix or Amazon?” is finally here. It’s a resounding No. Though the iconic movie series has been available to stream on various platforms since its release in 1977, neither Netflix nor Amazon currently offer subscribers access to the entire saga.

Netflix has been home to a few of the Star Wars movies in the past, but none are currently available. The streaming service does, however, offer several documentaries and specials about the series, such as Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed, The Story of Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition. These titles provide an interesting look at how the movies were created and how they have impacted popular culture over time.

Amazon Prime Video also does not offer any of the Star Wars movies as part of its streaming library. However, it does have a selection of documentaries and specials related to the franchise, including Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, Star Wars Rebels, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While these titles provide great insight into both classic and modern Star Wars stories, they do not include any of the original films.

Fortunately for fans who want to watch all six episodes in order, there are other options available. All six movies can be purchased through digital stores like iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV for a one-time fee.

They can also be rented from most major video-on-demand services like YouTube and Vudu for a more affordable option. Both options allow subscribers to watch as many times as they want within a certain period of time before their rental expires or their purchase is removed from their library.

In conclusion, neither Netflix nor Amazon currently offer any of the six original Star Wars movies as part of their streaming libraries. However, fans can still purchase or rent all six episodes through various digital stores or video-on-demand services for a one-time fee or rental price respectively.