Is the Chosen on Amazon Prime?

The Chosen is a popular web series that has been gaining traction in the streaming industry. It follows the lives of seven young people who are chosen by God to go on a journey of faith and self-discovery. The show is created by filmmaker Dallas Jenkins and is distributed through VidAngel, a streaming service which specializes in independent films.

The series has become extremely popular due to its compelling storytelling and compelling characters, with a season two already in production. It has even been featured on major outlets such as Fox News and The New York Times. Fans of the show are clamoring for more content, but one question remains: Is the Chosen available on Amazon Prime?

The answer is no, unfortunately. The Chosen is not available on Amazon Prime at this time.

This is because Amazon Prime only allows content that it owns or has exclusive rights to stream. As the Chosen is owned by VidAngel, it cannot be added to Amazon Prime’s library.

However, that doesn’t mean fans of the show can’t still watch it. VidAngel offers a subscription-based service that allows viewers to watch all episodes of the Chosen for just $7 per month or $70 per year.


So to answer the question: Is The Chosen on Amazon Prime? No, it is not available on Amazon Prime at this time due to it being owned by VidAngel. However, fans can still watch all episodes of The Chosen through VidAngel’s subscription-based service for just $7 per month or $70 per year.