Is the Chosen on Netflix or Hulu?

Recently the streaming world has been abuzz with the news that the new show ‘The Chosen’ is coming to both Netflix and Hulu. It’s an exciting development for fans of the show, who have been eagerly awaiting its release for some time now.

The Chosen is a unique and inspiring show about the life of Jesus Christ. The series follows his journey from birth to resurrection and paints a vivid picture of his humanity, miracles, and teachings.

The show depicts Jesus as an approachable figure, accessible to all people regardless of religion or belief system.

The Chosen is produced by entertainment company VidAngel Studios and stars Jonathan Roumie as Jesus himself. It also features guest stars such as Shahar Isaac, Noah James, Elizabeth Tabish, and many more. The series has already garnered critical acclaim with critics praising its powerful storytelling and strong performances.

So what platform will you be able to watch The Chosen on? Well, it’s currently available on both Netflix and Hulu.

However, there are some differences between the two streaming services. On Netflix you can watch all eight episodes in one go, while on Hulu you’ll need to pay per episode.


Yes, ‘The Chosen’ is available on both Netflix and Hulu – however they offer different viewing experiences depending on your preferences. Netflix offers an all-in-one package where you can watch all eight episodes at once while Hulu requires payment per episode.