Is the Chosen Series on Netflix?

The Chosen Series on Netflix, created by Dallas Jenkins, is a modern-day adaptation of the Bible stories that have been told for generations. It has become one of the most popular streaming shows on Netflix since its release in 2017.

The series follows the life of Jesus and his disciples as they embark on their journey to spread the gospel and proclaim his teachings across the region. Each episode focuses on a different part of Jesus’ life, from his birth to his resurrection and beyond. The series highlights lesser-known aspects of Jesus’ life, such as his relationship with Mary Magdalene, his interactions with Pontius Pilate, and other events from the Gospels.

The show features an impressive cast of actors including Jonathan Roumie as Jesus, Paras Patel as Peter, Noah James as Andrew, and Jordan Patrick Smith as John. Each actor brings a unique perspective to their character and helps bring the stories to life in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

The series also features some impressive production design that captures the atmosphere of ancient Jerusalem with stunning accuracy. From elaborate sets to authentic props and costumes, every aspect of this show has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail. This adds an extra layer of realism that makes each episode more captivating than the last.

The Chosen Series has been praised by both viewers and critics alike for its quality writing, acting performances, and production design. It’s no wonder why this show is one of Netflix’s most popular streaming shows today.

So is The Chosen Series available on Netflix? Yes!

The first season was released in 2017 and subsequent seasons are being released periodically throughout 2021-2022. So if you’re looking for a great show that combines faith-based content with top-notch production values then The Chosen Series is definitely worth checking out!

Conclusion: The Chosen Series is available on Netflix for viewers to enjoy! With top-notch writing performances, amazing sets and costumes, this show offers a captivating viewing experience that blends faith-based content with great production design. For those looking for something new to watch on Netflix then The Chosen Series should definitely be at the top of your list!