Is the Hooked on Phonics App Free?

Hooked on Phonics is a popular reading program designed for children aged 3-14. It has been recognized as an effective way to teach children how to read and is widely used in schools, libraries and homes across the United States. The program utilizes a multi-sensory approach to learning which involves using visual, auditory and tactile cues to help children learn the basics of reading.

The Hooked on Phonics program is available in both physical and digital formats. The physical format includes books, CDs and DVDs that can be purchased through their website or at many retailers. The digital format is the Hooked on Phonics App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store.

The Hooked on Phonics App provides an interactive learning experience for children by providing activities such as word games, phonics lessons, phonology lessons, reading comprehension activities and more. It also includes audio instruction so that it can be used by parents or teachers who may not be familiar with the program. Additionally, the app allows for customization so that parents or teachers can tailor the content to fit their child’s needs.

Overall, the Hooked on Phonics App provides a comprehensive learning experience for children of all ages and abilities who are looking to develop their reading skills. However, one of the biggest questions surrounding this app is whether or not it is free.

Unfortunately, while there is a version of the app that is free to download from both stores, it does not offer as many features as its paid counterpart does. The paid version offers more activities and features such as audio instruction and customization options which are not available in the free version. Additionally, some of the activities included in the free version are limited in comparison to what is offered in the paid version.

In conclusion, while there is a free version of Hooked on Phonics available for download from both stores, those looking for a comprehensive learning experience will need to purchase the full version of the app which offers additional features not included in its free counterpart.