Is the Josephine Baker Story on Netflix?

The Josephine Baker story is one of the most mesmerizing and inspiring biographies of a woman who rose from poverty to fame and fortune, becoming an international superstar. Born in 1906 in St. Louis, Missouri, Baker was a dancer, singer, actress and activist.

She was the first African-American to star in a major motion picture, Zouzou (1934), and she also had a successful career on Broadway.

Throughout her life, Baker was an advocate for civil rights and anti-racism efforts. She also worked with the French Resistance during World War II as well as with the NAACP in the United States. In addition to her career accomplishments, she is remembered for her stunningly beautiful costumes and her daring performances.

The Josephine Baker Story is now available on Netflix! It’s a documentary feature film directed by Chris Bolan that chronicles the life of this incredible woman from childhood poverty to international stardom.

The movie features interviews with family members along with archival footage of some of her most famous performances. It’s an inspiring portrait of a remarkable woman who made history.


Yes, the Josephine Baker Story is now available on Netflix! This documentary feature film provides an insightful look into the life of this remarkable woman who achieved international fame and used her platform to fight for civil rights. It’s an inspiring story that will leave you feeling inspired and awed by Josephine Baker’s accomplishments.