Is the Jungle Book on Netflix?

The Jungle Book is one of the most beloved Disney movies of all time. It was first released in 1967 and is based on the classic stories by Rudyard Kipling.

The movie follows the adventures of a young boy named Mowgli who is raised by wolves in an Indian jungle. The movie is full of memorable characters, including Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther, and Shere Khan the tiger.

Since its release, The Jungle Book has become a classic and it has been adapted into many different forms over the years. There have been video games, comic books, and even a live-action remake that was released in 2016. But one question that many fans have been asking is whether or not The Jungle Book is available on Netflix.

Unfortunately, as of now, The Jungle Book isn’t available to stream on Netflix. However, it is available to purchase or rent from various digital platforms such as iTunes and Google Play. Additionally, there are various streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video that offer the movie for streaming.


So to answer the question “Is The Jungle Book on Netflix?” – No it is not currently streaming on Netflix but you can find it to rent or purchase from various digital platforms or stream through other services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.