Is the My Talking Pet App Free?

If you’re a pet lover, you may have heard of the My Talking Pet app. It’s an incredibly popular app that allows you to take pictures of your pet, record your voice, and then watch as your pet responds with their own voice. It’s a great way to make your pet feel more like part of the family, and it’s also a lot of fun!

So, is the My Talking Pet app free?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. The basic version of the app is free to download and use. You can take photos of your pet and give them a voice by recording yourself speaking. Your pet will then respond in their own voice.

However, if you want to unlock certain features such as customizing your pet’s voice or adding more sounds like barking or purring, then you will need to upgrade to the Pro version. This version costs $2.99 USD and comes with additional features that can make playing with your pet even more fun.


In conclusion, the My Talking Pet app is free to download and use in its basic form. However, if you want access to additional features like customizing your pet’s voice or adding extra sound effects, then you must upgrade to the Pro version for a one-time fee of $2.99 USD.