Is the NOAA Weather App Free?

The NOAA Weather App provides users with a convenient way to stay up-to-date on the latest weather conditions. The app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, allows users to view current conditions, hourly forecasts and other important information regarding their local weather. In addition, the app offers a variety of features that can help users plan ahead for various outdoor activities.

One of the main features of the NOAA Weather App is its interactive maps. These maps give users detailed information about temperature, wind speed and direction, and other important weather factors. The app also has a “radar” section that shows users regional radar images in real time so they can track storms and other extreme weather events.

The NOAA Weather App also provides alerts for severe weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. It even has an air quality index that provides detailed information about air quality in specific areas. The app also offers additional features such as pollen counts and UV radiation levels.

The best part about the NOAA Weather App is that it is free to download and use.

However, there are some additional features that require a subscription fee. These include premium radar images and access to more detailed data about current conditions. For those who need these types of features, the subscription fee may be worth it.


Yes, the NOAA Weather App is free to download and use on both iOS and Android devices without any subscription fees required. However, some additional features require a subscription fee for access to more detailed data about current conditions or premium radar images.