Is the Pretender on Amazon Prime?

The Pretender is an American television series that aired from 1996 until 2000. The show was created by Steve De Jarnatt and starred Michael T. Weiss as Jarod, a highly intelligent individual who had been taken from his family at a young age and raised in the secret organization known as The Centre. Jarod was able to escape from The Centre, and he used his unique abilities to help various people in need while eluding capture from the operatives of The Centre.

The Pretender has been released on several home video formats throughout the years, including DVD and Blu-ray. It is also available for streaming on several platforms, including Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video offers all four seasons of the show for free with an active Prime membership. With Amazon Prime Video, viewers can watch episodes of The Pretender on their computers, smart TVs, mobile devices, or tablets.

The Pretender is a great show that provides viewers with a thrilling and suspenseful story line. It’s full of action and adventure with plenty of plot twists to keep you guessing. With its impressive cast of characters and compelling story line, it’s no wonder why so many viewers have come to love this show.


Yes, The Pretender is available on Amazon Prime Video for streaming with an active Prime membership. All four seasons are available for free with no additional charges or fees required.