Is There a Free App That Reads the Bible to You?

For those of us who are busy and on the go but still want to stay close to our faith, we can turn to technology for help. Is there a free app that reads the Bible to you? The answer is yes!

Bible by is an app that allows users to hear audio versions of the Bible with a single tap. It offers audio versions in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and many more.

It also has a text version of the Bible with over 500 translations. The app also includes additional features such as devotionals, podcasts, and Bible studies. Plus, it’s totally free!

YouVersion is another great option for listening to the Bible. This app offers audio versions in different languages as well as text versions of the Bible with over 1,400 translations. Additionally, YouVersion features daily verses and reading plans that help keep users on track and motivated throughout their journey with God’s Word.

Bible Gateway is an online resource that allows you to read or listen to audio versions of the Bible in many different languages and translations. Additionally, this site includes helpful tools such as commentaries, devotionals and concordances that can help you better understand God’s Word and apply it to your life.

Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service can be used for listening to audiobooks from various publishers including HarperCollins Christian publishing which offers several audio Bibles in different languages including English and Spanish among others. Furthermore Audible also offers bible study courses which can be a great asset for all believers who want to dive deeper into God’s word.

Conclusion: There are plenty of options out there when it comes to finding an app or service that reads the Bible aloud – whether it’s through text or audio format – all without having to spend any money! Whether you’re looking for an app or website that will read aloud your favorite passage or an entire book of the bible at once – there is something out there for everyone!