Is There a Free App That Shows Property Lines?

In our increasingly digitized world, it’s no surprise that there is an app for almost anything. For homeowners, developers, and land surveyors, the question of whether or not there is a free app that shows property lines is an important one.

After all, property lines are the boundary lines between parcels of land and are legally binding. Knowing where a property line lies can help to avoid legal disputes over boundary encroachment and other related issues.

The answer to this question is yes. There are a number of free apps available to help users identify their property lines, although some may not be as accurate as others.

One of the most popular free apps for this purpose is OnX Hunt Maps. This app offers detailed maps with land ownership information as well as satellite imagery to help users accurately identify their property lines.

Another very useful app is MyLandPlan. This app allows users to draw their own property boundaries on top of aerial imagery and then share them with others or store them digitally for future reference. The app also offers features such as tracking measurements and calculating areas within a certain boundary.

Finally, there are a few other apps worth mentioning that offer similar features for identifying property lines. These include LandGlide, which provides detailed satellite imagery and parcel boundaries; Boundary Scout, which helps users visualize their properties in 3D; and TerraGo Edge, which provides tools for mapping and data collection.


In conclusion, there are several free apps available that can help homeowners, developers, and surveyors accurately identify their property lines. While some may not be as accurate as others, these apps provide an easy way to access the necessary information quickly and easily without having to send someone out into the field.