Is There a Free Movie App for PS4?

For many gamers, a PlayStation 4 console is the ultimate source of entertainment. It offers a variety of games and content for its users, from blockbuster movies to indie games. However, with the cost of movies, some gamers may be looking for a free movie app for their PS4.

The good news is that there are several free movie apps available for the PS4. The PlayStation Store has a selection of free movies and TV shows available to users in the U.S., Canada and some other countries. Users can simply navigate to the PlayStation Store and select “Movies” or “TV Shows” to browse through a selection of titles they can watch without charge.

In addition to these titles, there are other options available as well. Sony has partnered with Crackle, an online streaming service that offers access to movies and TV shows at no cost. Crackle is available on the PlayStation Store and can be accessed through the console’s web browser or through a dedicated app. The service has hundreds of films and TV shows, including some classic titles as well as original content produced by Crackle itself.

Finally, if you want access to even more content without spending any money, you can look into streaming services like Hulu or Netflix which offer subscription plans that give access to their massive libraries of movies and TV shows. While these services do require users to pay for an account, they are still cheaper than renting or buying individual titles from physical stores or digital storefronts like Amazon Video.


Yes, there is a free movie app for PS4 users! The PlayStation Store offers a selection of free movies and TV shows while Sony has partnered with Crackle which offers more content options at no cost. In addition, subscription-based streaming services like Hulu and Netflix also provide access to their massive libraries without charge as long as users have an active subscription plan.