Is There a Way to Add All Songs to a Playlist on Spotify?

Spotify is an ever-growing music streaming service that has become a go-to for millions of people to listen to their favorite songs. The platform offers a great way to organize your musical library through playlists, but sometimes it can be hard to add all the songs you want at once. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to do this.

If you’re looking to add all the songs from a particular artist or album to your playlist, you can use the “Add All” feature. To do this, just navigate to the artist or album page, click on the three dots next to the list of songs, and select “Add All”. This will add all the songs from that album or artist right into your playlist.

Another way to quickly add lots of songs is by using Spotify’s Search bar. Just type in what you’re looking for, and then hit enter.

You should see a list of matching songs in the results page. From here, you can select all the songs you want by clicking on each song and then clicking “Add To Playlist”.

Finally, if you want to add a bunch of songs from one specific genre or mood, Spotify has a few options for you as well. Head over to the Browse tab and then choose either Genres & Moods or New Releases & Discoveries for an extensive selection of music from various artists.


So is there a way to add all songs to a playlist on Spotify? Absolutely!

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily fill up your playlists with any type of music that suits your taste. Whether it’s from an artist’s entire discography or just one genre or mood, Spotify has all your musical needs covered.