Is Top Gear on Netflix?

Top Gear is one of the most popular television series in the world and it’s available on Netflix. The show first aired in 2002 and was hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Since then, the show has gone through numerous changes, such as a revamp in 2016 when Matt LeBlanc took over as host.

The show follows three presenters as they test out different cars from various manufacturers. They also take part in challenges such as racing each other around a track or competing against other celebrities. The humour of the show is often what appeals to viewers and makes it so popular.

The show has won numerous awards over its run, including BAFTA awards for Best Entertainment Programme and Best Presenter. It also holds Guinness World Record titles for the most widely watched factual TV program and the most downloaded TV program on iTunes UK.

The entire back catalogue of Top Gear episodes is available to stream on Netflix, making it easy to catch up with all past episodes or watch them again if you’ve seen them before. The new episodes that have been released since 2016 are also available on Netflix.

Netflix also has some exclusive content related to Top Gear, such as their ‘Extra Gear’ series which takes viewers behind the scenes and shows how certain stunts were filmed or how cars were modified for certain races.

Overall, Top Gear is a great show for car enthusiasts or anyone looking for a bit of light entertainment. With all of its content available on Netflix, fans can catch up with past episodes or watch new ones as soon as they’re released.

To answer the question – Is Top Gear on Netflix? – The answer is yes! All episodes from 2002-2016 are available on Netflix plus exclusive content related to Top Gear such as Extra Gear series can be found here too!